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Your vision is precious, and in order to preserve it, you must take care of it on a regular basis. This means keeping up with routine eye exams. Getting your eyes checked regularly helps to monitor the changes in your vision, and also allows for early detection of eye diseases, as well as other physical problems. A yearly eye exam is beneficial, even if you are not struggling with your vision. Put your trust in us to take care of your eyes, even if you have astigmatism or hard-to-fit eyes.

We also are a NYS DMV eye exam provider. 

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You don't have to change your looks to correct your vision. Contact lenses create highly effective vision correction with a seamless undetectable look. Put your trust in us to handle your contact lens needs, even if you have a difficult prescription or unusual eye shape.

Both Dr. Philip and Dr. Erica Meltzer, are experts in the contact lens industry, specializing in bifocal, astigmatism, and hard-to-fit lenses, including MiSight contact lenses, the only FDA approved lens for myopia management. With their guidance, you'll find the perfect lenses for your lifestyle, ensuring both comfort and clarity.

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Your glasses are part of your every day look, so it is important to choose ones that speak to your personal aesthetic and complement your style. Look to us for a wide array of styles and options that are ideal for correcting your vision while amplifying your look. As exclusive dealers of many designer frames, we offer a wide variety of the most beautiful and high quality glasses available. 

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